About Animated Statues

We design, manufacture and supply bronze statues, stone sculptures, stainless steel sculptures and fiberglass or resin sculptures for indoor or outdoor decoration all over the world.

Our factory has a 3D/graphic design team and a team of talented artists, so we can create a large number of artistic sculptures with suitable materials based on your small samples or create custom designs.

You can imagine that we can create. All our sculptures are professionally packaged, and we can provide door-to-door service.

Custom Life Size Statues

Our custom shop produces life-size human sculptures as a souvenir. We are experienced professionals who make full-length portraits. Animatedstatues.com artists will carve life-size statues according to your specifications and then make molds. After the mold is completed, we will cast bronze, fiberglass, cast stone and cement.

We like custom projects, we like to meet the family and friends of the person we are carving and create a remembrance. Many times, we actually have a person to make sculptures for research. Making clay sculptures is the longest process in the sculpture process. Through this process, we have made many lifelong friends. Our life-size sculpture may take several months, but it is worth waiting for the final sculpture. Our casting department has many materials that can be used to make finished sculptures. Some materials such as fiberglass are cheaper than bronze. If you have any life-size customized items, please contact us.

Life Size Statues

Animals Statues

Bronze Statues

Bronze statues have been used as milestones representing human interests, victory and passion throughout history. At Animatedstatues, we work with our customers to transform this humble but beautiful alloy into a work of art that can be passed down from generation to generation, thus continuing this proud metallurgical tradition.

The bronze statues we created provide incredible, lifelike details and otherworldly impressions for public areas such as private homes, businesses, universities, parks, libraries, and city halls. Bronze can-and it is! – To withstand the demands of indoor and outdoor display, our artists strive to subtly incorporate bronze into the notable bronze statue finishes, which will only become more unbelievable over time.

A large selection of life-size children, animals, deer, eagles, horses, herons, dolphins and fountains are sold at wholesale prices. We can create anything out of bronze!


Children Bronze Statues


Figurative Bronze Statues


Eagles Bronze Statues


Wildlife Bronze Statues

Resin/Fiberglass Statues

The relatively new thing in the world of statues is the art of casting statues out of fiberglass resin, which is a very durable synthetic polymer. The resin statue can retain all the details of the original work while providing many other benefits. They are lighter than cast stone statues, so transportation costs are lower. They have greater strength than other castable materials. Moreover, the resin statue is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

There is also considerable flexibility in the finishing options of cast resin sculptures. In fact, resin statues can imitate the appearance of ancient stone, marble, bronze or porcelain sculptures. Even hand-painted polychrome finishes can be achieved.

It is important to note that although resin statues and sculptures perform well in rain and can withstand temperatures above freezing, they are not very resistant to harsh winter conditions. The expansion and contraction of the ice in the cracks may break the work. Therefore, it is recommended to bring the sculpture into the room when the freezing temperature threatens.

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Arturban Life Size Statue proudly offers a wide variety of resin statues and sculptures. In most cases, these resin works are scattered in our various galleries.