Life Size Birds Statues: fiberglass birds sculptures outdoor

Life-size birds sculptures, life-size birds statues, and life-size bird statues on are for sale. Purchase our life-size bird statues and larger life-size bird sculptures at

Shop collection statuary of bird Animatedstatuess is among the largest of our Animal Galleries. Beyond songbirds, sub-categories featuring sculpted birds from common to exotic, including eagles, waterfowl and more sculptures. In addition to an extensive Animatedstatues selection of duck, geese, and swan Animatedstatuess and fountains, a similar collection for herons, egrets, and cranes, we also offer galleries dedicated to penguins, pelicans, and parrots and even domestic barnyard fowl! In essence, if you are looking for a bird sculpture, you’re likely to find it here. Not only bird Animatedstatuess, you’ll also find a nice selection of sculptural garden plaques, decorative thermometers,clocks, water fountains, rain gauges, and lamps featuring our fine, feathered friends.

Eagle Statue on Branch Sculpture 15.5" H

Eagle Statue on Branch Sculpture 15.5″ H

Eagle Statue on Branch Sculpture he bald eagle was chosen June 20, 1782 as the emblem of the United States of America, because of its long life, great strengthand majestic looks, and also because it was then believed to exist only on this continent. This exquisitely detailed sculpture, from feathered wings to clawed talons is in a bronze patina finish made of designer resin. Exhibited in your home, it will show your patriotism and admiration for one of nature’s most majestic creatures. A magnificent gift for any collection. Base is 6 inches in dia. and 1.5″ high.

Rooster Sculpture 8.5" High Statue

Rooster Sculpture 8.5″ High Statue

Rooster Sculpture Decorative Statue figurine. A timeless sculpture that pays homage to the eagle in this is form of classic art at its finest. Display this in your home and office or makes wonderful awards or trophies. The Roosters statue base size is 4 D X 1 H.

Duck Taking Flight Wildlife Sculpture 9" H

Duck Taking Flight Wildlife Sculpture 9″ H

Duck Taking Flight Wildlife Sculpture is of museum-quality and faithfully reproduces this beautiful bird, and is a wonderful sculpture for any duck-lover. Also make a fantastic gift or makes perfect awards and trophies for duck hunters. Base size is 4″ d x 1.5″ high, add your own brass plaque for a presentation awards.

Owl Bronze Sculpture 14" High

Owl Bronze Sculpture 14″ High

This wonderful bronze owl sculpture will stand the test of time and will be a heirloom to your family. It will be the wise owl that watches over your home or garden. Cast and crafted one piece at a time in the traditional lost wax method, which highlights the detail of the sculpt and guarantees lasting beauty. Sure to be a garden focal point, heirloom-quality bronze owl sculpture. Color patina is applied by hand one piece at a time, tone may vary.

Owl statues, sculptures and gifts

To purchase owl sculptures represented by talented wild animal artists, imitating nature with incredible details, or as stylized contemporary artworks, please “pounce” to our owl statue gallery. loves the appearance of these mysterious creatures, our collection of owl statues is ready to add a touch of magic to any home or garden wall.

Ducks, geese, swan statues, sculptures and figurines

This gallery features waterfowl, such as duck statues, goose sculptures, swan statues and other waterfowl statues cast in a variety of media. Decorative statues, or pipes for functional water features, are carved with techniques ranging from meticulous realism to highly stylized works of art. Most of these statues can be used in your outdoor garden, while the others are museum-level replicas or sculptural replicas of bird statues of fine art bird sculptures.

Chickens, hens, roosters and tares friends with fine feathers

Bring a small country to your home or garden decoration! Sculptural figurines of barnyard chicken, hen, chick and rooster statues will add to the “sweet home at home” feeling you have been looking for. The exquisite feathered friends sculptures and figurines of chickens, hens, roosters and tares have always been the main works of decorators and the classic style of country decoration.

Sculptures and statues of eagles, eagles, falcons and other birds of prey

The eagle rules the sky, as a beautiful version of the sculpture will attract people’s attention in your home or office-as a manifestation of patriotism or simply admiration for one of nature’s most majestic creatures. Some of these sculptures are displayed on plinths, which are perfect for trophies or awards. proudly offers a wide range of eagle statues, from elegant bronzes featuring soaring eagles to realistic sculptures of eagle busts

Statues, sculptures and statues of penguins, pelicans, parrots and peacocks

Statues, sculptures and statues of penguins, pelicans, parrots and peacocks. Together with Pheasants and Pewit’s, from modest to gorgeous, this sculpture gallery is a group of strange birds whose names begin with the letter “P”. Collect a series of bird statues for your own garden aviary! If you are looking for penguins, pelicans, parrots and peacocks, this is the collection of bird statues for you! These beautiful bird statues come from seaside bass or tropical islands and evoke people’s dreams of a seaside lifestyle! Near beautiful swimming pools or ponds, our animal sculptures are made of multiple materials. Our collection of rare bird statues will be widely praised in the home or garden.

Songbird and other friends of Hosoba

Essentially, if you are looking for bird sculptures, you will most likely find them here. Not only bird statues, but you can also find a selection of sculpture garden plaques, decorative thermometers, fountains, rain gauges and lamps with our beautiful feathered friends. You will find a large number of sculptures of birds and home decoration sculptures here.

Herons, cranes, egrets, flamingos, etc. Statues and sculptures of various sizes, styles and materials

This gallery composed of sculptures of herons, cranes, egrets, flamingos and garden statues presents a sculptural interpretation with slender lines and graceful curves. This gallery provides decorative sculptures of exotic birds or piped birds and waterbirds to present an elegant waterscape. Celebrate your love for animal collections of herons, cranes, egrets, and flamingos, including a series of impressive indoor and outdoor bird sculptures, fountain features, wall decorations-even works of art with bird functions !