Life Size Bears Statues: fiberglass bear sculptures

Life-size bear sculptures, life-size bear statues, and life-size bear statues on are for sale. Purchase our life-size bear statues and larger life-size bear sculptures at

Shop’s gallery of sculpted bears and cubs. From fierce grizzlies, cuddly koalas, playful polar bears, to exotic pandas, members of the “bear family” are represented from around the globe. is proud to offer an extensive selection of bear statues, benches, and fountains in our bear gallery.

Bear On Rock Statue Sculpture 6" High

Bear On Rock Statue Sculpture 6″ High

This bear sculpture depicts the bears amazing power as shown in his muscled legs and neck. The bear has always been an enduring symbol of power and one of our majestic creatures of the forest. Superb for a gifts, trophies or awards is one of exclusive bear statues of this sculptured bear, highlights the delicate detailing and exquisite tone of this powerful animal. Base size is 4″ w x 2.5″ d x 0.5″ h, perfect for adding your own brass plaque.

Bear & Fish Wildlife Sculpture

Bear & Fish Wildlife Sculpture

This small-scale sculpture of a Bear catching a Fish showcases the detailed sculpted features and amazing power as captured in the muscled legs and necks of this animal that has always been an enduring symbol of power and one of our majestic creatures of the forest as this ursine fisherman tries to capture his fish. Base size is 5″ w x 2.5″ d x 0.5″ h.

Standing Bear Sculpture 13.5" High

Standing Bear Sculpture 13.5″ High

Capturing both the raw vitality and the sculpted form of one of nature’s most magnificent creatures, the artist has rendered the wild spirit of a Bear relishing its coveted freedom. Its fluidity of motion is captured in a symphony of muscles and fierce roar that will make you proud to add this bronze finished designer resin work to your own gallery. Base size is 5.5 D X 2 H, just add your own brass plaque for presentation awards.